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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surprises and slide-outs

Where did that come from!!!!!!!

I mosey on down to my local expecting more of the same 2-3ft loveliness as the day before, maybe even a little improvement with the hour difference in tide - I'm an optimist. Instead, me and Big Dano were greeted by courdoroy in the 3 - 5ft variety and not much bank underneath either. I'd recently been playing around with smaller fins in my Lost...SDII. Bad idea.

It's painfully obvious that winter is getting close and with it bringeth the swell. So to avoid being void of the right equipment when your local pumps, drop in and place your orders for one of the many good semi-guns on offer at the moment. Lost... Whiplash and F-1 models are shaped with good waves in mind and are getting really good reports from the guys who taken them on south coast missions recently, and fellas who like a more tuned board for everyday stuff. The Warners mentioned a few posts below are still doing well and are a strong favourite with local crew.

If you're in the same boat as yours truly we've got a huge selection of fins to suit boards and people of all shapes and sizes from all the brands(FCS, Future, etc). If you're in the neighbourhood and still haven't had a squiz, come in and check out the Powerbase fins - they're awesome.

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