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Friday, April 23, 2010's nearly that time again - Winter

I reckon there is few feelings more disheartening than the first time in a year that you set foot on the surface of your local's carpark and feel the chill. Wrap that up with the knowledge that the stroll across the grossly neglected grasslands and bitter sand and you've got yourself one mighty, big, fat excuse that your subconscious will throw back in your face tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off. This week has been anything but winter-like, but it's coming.

We've just taken delivery of all our new season rubber. We've got suits in all sizes and colours from O'neil (all Psycho models, mutants, hammers, etc), plus the latest offerings from Xcel (all models), but we most certainly do not have any wetsuits from Rip Curl in stock, you'd have to go to the Manly store for that. But, the suit that had us all frothing last year was the West Lotus model. Highly rated by all the boys for flexibility, warmth and great fit. If you are in the market for a new steamer we strongly recommend trying one on - you'll be impressed.

Meanwhile, it hasn't been pumping but geez it's been nice out there. good water temprature, glassy and just enough swell to keep us interested. Hope you all fed the need, 'cause the weekend looks shithouse. Ciao

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