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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Logs & alternatives?!

If you're a Sydney based longboarder who may be a little bit partial to lots of glass and heavier modes of transport, or a dude (or dudette!) that appreciates a fine tint job on your fish, bonzer, hull, single fin, etc - then be prepared to get very, very excited. There's a bloke called Scott in Bondi who with the help of his mates makes some of the finest alternative craft I've seen in a while and definitely some of the sweetest I've ever seen come out of Sydney. We've got two very different examples of his work in the shop at the moment. The big yellow submarine in 9'8 and the white with green rails is 9'4, the finish on these two have to be seen to be belived. Just to prove that Waxa surfboards aren't one-trick ponys, I've thrown up some examples of their shorter creations - so sick.

We're having a good run of waves at the moment, lets not jinx things.

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