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Monday, May 10, 2010


It's all well and good to strut around the place saying "it's 3 - 4ft and offshore today", but that means close to sweet F A if the only chance you get to hit it is on the lowest of low-ass tide at a 'sandbank challenged' beach. Actually, it might even be worse paddling around and looking over the ledge of close-out after beautiful wind-groomed close-out, than bobbing around like a you-know-what in 1ft wind blown chop. Not unlike taking home an average looking bird/bloke - At least you kinda got what you came for, and it's whole lot easier to walk away from it when you're done.

Never mind me, heaps of swell around and generally nice conditions. If you can get to it with a bit of H2O under it or have a nice little reef to muck around on you're laughing.

Lots of new stuff coming up. If SUP is your thing we've got a ton in store AND have just opened the mother of all SUP shops in Brookyvale. Check it out.

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