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Thursday, April 1, 2010

....the eye of the storm

Unless you have a spot that likes a bit of south in it's wind, first thing this morning was about the only chance we were gonna get for a nice little glassy wave. But the good news is that there's finally a bit of energy in the water and we're gonna have waves all Easter long weekend. Is it just me, or do the Sydney beach line-ups thin a bit over Easter?

The new arrivals today are a few nice retro twinny fish from a Dee Why mystery shapers????!!!! I've added some pics of a couple of the heavily sprayed up numbers, but we've got a 5'10, 6'0 & 6'2 - all going for a very special price of $500 a piece! And if you're starting to think about a board for winter or planning an Indo trip we've got some Warner semi-guns that are flying out the door. We've got these in a ton of different sizes going for $750 each. I've also thrown up a pic of his standard hi-po model, super refined all-rounder going for the same price.

Oh, and if you can get Giovanni(pictured) to do his party trick, Ingrid (lovely lady on the right) will organise an even better deal on any of the boards in the store! C-ya

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