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Monday, April 12, 2010

Dwarts and Discounts

I bullshitted my wife into thinking I was helping a mate move on Saturday. Instead, I loaded about 3 boxes onto the flat bed of his now severly deformed truck (Lloydy you tool!) then hauled anus down to the beach for a lunchtime paddle, even though she was kind enough to bear the brunt of my cranky little son so I could pull an early and a late one. When is enough enough? But how good was it? But it's a bit rough, hey? But low tide was early arvo?.....

Anyway, if you are just embarking on a life of constant yearning, broken promises and strained relationships then look no further. For a limited time only Dripping Wet Bondi Beach are offering surfboard packages (board, bag, fins, leggy, wax, etc)beginning at $350.00!!!!! We've got all sorts of shapes and sizes, but Ingrid is draping herself across a nice 7'6 example in the pic above. These boards generally move pretty quickly, so get yourself down there ASAP and mention the blog.

For those with more particular tastes, we've got a bunch of Rusty Preisendorfer offerings in the rack at the moment. I reckon you need to pop in and caress them all, but the Dwart is an interesting little creature that caught me eye. Round nose, round tail, full rails, but really refined. We've got them in 5'4, 5'6, 5'8 & 5'10, they look sick.

Oh, and 30% off all summer gear this week.


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