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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...Lost Enterprises new sticks

Matt "Mayhem" Biolis winning surfer magazine's shaper of the year award was pretty much a given after last year. Models like the Lost Rocket, Lost Round Nose Fish and Lost Monkfish were all over the place this summer. Well 2010 is shaping up to be another cracker year from the boys as they've released a ton of new models, mostly aimed at livening up sessions in less than perfect conditions. The theory behind Biolis' exploits is that he makes boards for the average, everyday surfer and the conditions that they normally ride - 2ft junk. The results speak for themselves and makes you wonder that if Mr Al Merrick didn't have all that star power making his sleds shine bright, would ...Lost still be occupying the number 2 spot on the world's highest selling surfboard brand list. Apparently there is even a board test out there somewhere that involves a bunch of like sized pros evaluated a bunch of blank boards made by some of the world's best foam carvers. The results came out pretty convincingly in favour of ...Lost Enterprises, even Lord Kelly rated the Whiplash model the best of the bunch!

We've always got ...Lost models coming and going, but best to place an order (02 9300 0055) so we can guarantee you get what you're after.

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